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About Us

Fungus originated in the early 70's as a retro rock band.  Puzzling, as retro wasn't even a term then.  They took the underground culture by storm with their thoughtful Let Themselves Go hit and then eclectically followed with the now pop icon, Oh Don't Do It To Me.  Struggling to find their identity (and needing a paying job) the band split.  For years each band member honed their skills and on rare occasion, worked on their music.

In 2004 the band reunited for a nostalgic gig.  Incredibly, not one fan was lost over the 30 year hiatus. Equipped with unrecognizable covers and boring new material, the band blew away its virgin audience in Santa Barbara.  Riding The Acela was ridden deep into the night as the masses danced in Dead-like waves.

Since then, many more unimaginative songs have been produced and the group has performed from Florida to Ohio.  Barely a night goes by without someone wondering why they bother.  Contact the band and ask for yourself.    

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