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Ned Austin





House formed Fungus with Dic in the early 70ís as the drummer and much to the dismay of his parents, hosted most excellent early jam sessions at his House.  Late nights over the garage of endless playing, listening, and dialog created the basis for current day band philosophies.  House is the true musical experimenter, playing percussion, keyboard, guitar, and any instrument he can get his hands on.  Never afraid to try something new, his songs and talents are an eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock, and other genreís most of us cannot recognize, let alone understand.  Ripped apart by forsaken cheerleader love, he blessed us with Oh, Donít Do It To Me in 1972.  Even 30 years later, playing the song often puts the Fungus audience in the same frame of mind.  His latest work includes Open Road and the title track of the bands latest CD, TWITA (Thatís What Iím Talkiní About!).  House rocks the house!



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