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Ned Austin





Dic formed Fungus as the solo guitarist in the early 70ís.  His driving renditions of All Right Now, Be My Lover, and Iím A Man provided the rhythmic backbone that has endured with the band.  His collaborative effort with House made Let Themselves Go a timeless classic that defined the 70ís.    Always the musician, Dic broadened his musical talents by taking on bass chores for the band.  He recently become proficient on playing drums with his fingers on an electronic pad and plans to take that talent to the next level.  He is often seen tapping his fingers, a sure sign a new Fungus hit on the way.  Dicís latest offering, Give Me The Evening, blends 70ís lyrics with an oxymoronic classically modern arrangement.  But it is his blue collar Gas Station Blues that secured his place in Clevelandís rock and roll history. 

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